Anne was born in Québec City and raised in Québec and Ottawa. She enjoyed coloring and drawing as a child and more specifically portraiture since her teenage years.

Later, she studied Psychology at Laval University in Québec City where she obtained a doctorate degree in Developmental Psychology in 1987. After graduating, Anne worked on several projects at the National Research Council Canada in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality until 1998. Within the field of Artificial Intelligence, she collaborated on the design of a dialogue system simulating a form of human intelligence, user-system communication. Within the field of Virtual Reality, her interests involved the design of the user interface of Life-Like Virtual Environments.A description of this work and related publications can be found on her website at:

Since 1998, Anne has redirected her career and opened a Private Practice as a licensed practitioner in Ottawa, Ontario where she is currently working. Her curiosity for and respect of the human mind and spirit have directed her career as a psychologist as well as her artistic development.

In 1996, Anne discovered her love for pastels. In 2006, she added oil painting to her artistic palette and joined renowned Visionary Artists Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann's workshop in Spain. Although still a beginner, she hopes to continue to develop her skills in the coming years and join in the Visionary wave.

Anne's themes most often aim to highlight the similarities of our needs, hopes and dreams as citizens of this world.

Coco Pastel
The sweet Coco Pastel,
a source of joy...

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